Ways to help.

This is a very grassroots approach to social change.

Here are some ways that you can help

  1. Choose Kampot Pepper and Kampot Sea Salt as your tabletop choice.

  2. Share this link with your family, friends and colleagues.

  3. Contact your human resources or marketing department and ask to make mention of this campaign in the company’s or organization’s internal and public facing communications.

  4. Ask your company or employer to choose Fair Trade Kampot Pepper as a socially responsible corporate gift option.

  5. Tell your Realtor about our unique Bread & Salt Welcoming Gift program.

  6. Try the pepper and send us a review on the pepper and what you think about this project. Better yet, send us your Kampot Pepper recipe.

  7. Six degrees of separation – we are looking for celebrity endorsements – wouldn’t it be fun to test out this six degrees of separation idea? Do you know any celebrities that could endorse this project?

  8. Ask your favourite restaurant to start buying Kampot Pepper.

  9. If you are a ‘foodie’ – please help spread the word.

  10. Do you have any ideas that could help us ‘spread the word’?

  11. Throw a dinner party and feature dishes using the amazing Tuk Meric sauce that the late Anthony Bourdain raved about.

Thank You.