Kampot Pepper

Millions are out of work and not just here at home but around the planet. Social purchasing helps! Make Kampot Pepper your table top choice and help out.


You have probably landed here because someone you know and love has directed you here. When you purchase Fair Trade Kampot Pepper your purchase not only helps your family member, friend or local business that needs support during this critical time but you are helping small organic pepper growers and their families in Cambodia. Add to that you will also experience an exquisite culinary delight – the best pepper in the world.

During the pandemic when you purchase Fair Trade Kampot Pepper 50% of the purchase price goes to help the person who directed you here. Please choose your contact’s store from the list below.

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List of COVID Relief Stores:

Aaron MacLean

List of Causes:

Union Protein Project

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

SOS Children’s Villages

Kep International School

A nearby sea, flanking mountains, a quartz-rich soil: It’s the perfect spot on earth, devotees say, to yield a product they describe in that rapturous vocabulary usually reserved for fine wines: “aristocratic, virile, almost aphrodisiacal,” with subtle notes of caramel, gingerbread and mild tobacco.

(Denis D. Gray, The Associated Press)

“The dogged determination to revive a once threatened crop is now starting to pay dividends. “It has a lot of cachet, something from the past,” says Bourdain. A full renaissance is a long way off: Cambodia exported only a few thousand kilograms last year. But awareness is growing fast, and as Laiskonis points out, Kampot pepper offers that all-important element of romance. “It has been rescued from time and events,” he says. “Ingredients that tell a story are a special thing you can offer people.”

Chef Anthony Bourdain in Time Magazine

“It’s got a floral dimension that’s really something special,”

Anthony Bourdain.