Fight Poverty

To help during the COVID-19 crisis we have increased the community partner share from 35% to 50% on all sales.

“We give back. 1 in 7 kids in America live with hunger and we are helping make a difference by supporting a national nonprofit working to end childhood hunger in America. Join us in making a difference. For more information visit:


When you purchase Fair Trade Kampot Pepper your purchase not only helps feed hungry kids it is integral in rebuilding an industry virtually destroyed during the Cambodian Genocide and subsequent civil war. Read more of the history and rationale here.

When you purchase Kampot Pepper ‘the best pepper in the world’ 35% 50% of the purchase price goes to help alleviate food insecurity for children in America.

This site is part of the 50 Million Meals Campaign whose goal is to provide 50 million meals a year through community-based, Fair Trade distribution of the Best Pepper Ever.