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COVID-19 Response

This is a very difficult time and it looks like we are going to be challenged for some time to come. The restaurant,hospitality and many other industries have been devastated by the pandemic. We all know that this will not last forever but we still have a hard road ahead.

The farmers in Cambodia and farmers around the world are suffering as well. Kampot Pepper farmers are losing ground to the large growers that are no longer buying the pepper but buying the farms. Last year almost one quarter of the smallest growers (under ¾ acre) either lost or sold their farms or abandoned the business because they cannot sell their pepper. During the first few months of the pandemic sales evaporated. They have begun to pick up but not at normal levels. We need to help save and restore this ancient farming system.” 

We have come up with a COVID-19 Response Plan and although our main online focus has been to charities and non-profits we have opened up our online, community-based distribution system to anyone effected by COVID-19.

During the pandemic we have increased the community partner share from 35% to 50%. This is our way of helping out in this difficult time.

So please open your own store by clicking here and we will create a custom, branded store for you within a couple of days. If you have a logo or want to make one please email it to us and the Thank You text you want at the top of your store.

We know that this is not the same as regular employment earnings but it can add up. If you had 100 friends get ten friends each to purchase their pepper from your store that could add up to $15,000.00 over one year. Social impact purchasing works.

Be well, be safe.

Here’s a screen shot of the top section of a custom store with logo and Thank You message:

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Welcome to our new US site for community-based, Fair Trade distribution of Kampot Pepper – the Best Pepper in the World. It has been somewhat of a long and winding road to get to this point.

Just figuring out the logistics, legal and regulatory requirements to get Kampot Pepper into North America has been a long and sometimes frustrating process. However, we did it – even though it took about 18 month from initial research to landing the inventory in North America it was worth the effort as we now have almost a ton of the ‘Best Pepper Ever’ in our warehouse.

Leaving the farm – heading to the sea port (Oct 2019)

We are working with a social enterprise packager, Starworks, that employs disabled people to package and handle our product. Our mandate is to embed social purpose into every aspect of this enterprise and so our customers will know that when they choose Kampot Pepper and Kampot hand-crafted Sea Salt they are not only helping small farmers but are contributing significantly to help alleviate food insecurity in North America , promote sustainable agriculture abroad and create good jobs that pay a living wage with the smallest eco-footprint possible.

We invite you to join us on this journey of making Best Pepper Ever and Kampot Sea Salt the tabletop choice for all socially minded folks in North America. Thank you for your support. BTW. Once you try Kampot Pepper – no other pepper will do it is the Champagne of peppercorns. AKUN CHIRAN!